Rihanna Caviar Kaspia Paris leather Jacket

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  • Color Brown
  • Material Real leather
  • Inner Full Shearling
  • Collar Hoodie Attached
  • Pockets Front and Inside
  • Full Sleeves Shearling cuffs
  • Closure Zippered frontal closing

The gorgeous singer and songwriter Rihanna was seen dressed in a stunning dark brown leather jacket when she went to dine at Caviar Kaspia. Since that time, countless women around the world have been looking for a reasonably-priced replica of this splendid attire. Ladies, you don’t need to look any further! A precise replica of the Rihanna Caviar Kaspia Paris shearling leather jacket has been expertly crafted by the team of skilled craftsmen at SamishLeather.

Like most other jackets, this one has also been made from real leather. Having an over sized fit, and loose sleeves, the jacket is available in a dark brown color. The inner side of the leather jacket has been fully covered in a shearling, which makes it extremely comfortable to wear. The frontal fastening is provided through a branded zipper.

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