Spiderman Noir Costume Vest

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The Spider-Man Noir Costume Vest is a nod to the enigmatic and mysterious hero from an alternate Spider-Verse. This vest embodies the essence of noir style with its sleek design, dark color palette, and attention to detail. Crafted with precision, it's a perfect addition to any cosplay ensemble or as a statement piece for fans of this unique Spider-Man iteration. The vest's vintage-inspired look exudes an air of intrigue and mystique, making it ideal for themed events, conventions, or simply showcasing your love for the darker side of the Spider-Verse. Step into the shadows with this remarkable vest and embrace the mystique of Spider-Man Noir.

  • Color Black
  • Material Real leather
  • Collar Shirt lapel style
  • Front Branded Closure
  • Spider-man Logo At Back

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