The Wire McNulty Dominic West leather Coat

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Dominic West's leather coat in "The Wire" is a defining piece of attire for his character, Jimmy McNulty. This rugged and stylish coat mirrors McNulty's personality—tough, determined, and often rebellious. As a detective navigating the gritty streets of Baltimore, the coat serves as both protection from the elements and a symbol of McNulty's unyielding pursuit of justice. Its timeless design adds a layer of sophistication to the character, contrasting with the harsh realities of his work. Throughout the series, the coat becomes an integral part of McNulty's identity, encapsulating his complex and compelling persona in the critically acclaimed show.

  • Color Dark Brown
  • Material Real Leather
  • Pockets Waist and Inside
  • Inner Soft Viscose Lining
  • Collar Standard lapel style
  • Full Sleeves Open hem cuffs
  • Closure Branded Button 

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